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How to hack WiFi Password?

Step 1

  • Download the WiFi hacker 2015 from our site.
  • Open wifihacker2015.exe
  • Here you will find a lot of options such as:
    1. Encrypt my connection.
    2. Inject with frOzr mode.
    3. Secure my IP address.
    4. Man in the middle attack.

Step 2

As mentioned in the previous slide, you will find four different options in our WiFi password hacker. You can check the desired options that you want before you start hacking into the wireless network you want to. What these options do are explained below:

Encrypt my Connection:

Safety matters more than anything. Before you start scanning for nearby networks, its better if you check this option. This helps in encrypting your connection, so that even if something happens your will go unnoticed.    

Secure my IP Address:

This option allows you to mask your IP address before you start hacking into new networks. What it does is that it once you check this option, its connects with our server first. Hence from our server, the operation is done basically. So you would be on the safer side no matter what.  

Step 3

Click on the your desired options as mentioned in the previous slide and Click on Scan button. As soon as you click this button the WiFi password hacker starts searching for nearby wireless networks available in you region. You can also see the progress in the bar below. Once it finishes scanning, all the available networks are displayed under the WLAN Networks area.

Step 4

Once you’ve scanned for the list of networks, the available networks are shown under WLAN metworkls. Now choose the required network you wish to hack into and click on Hack It button. The WiFi hacker starts its operation once you’ve pressed the Hack it button.
WiFi unlocker

That’s it!

Once the progress is completed, you will be able to connect into that network. Enjoy free WiFi!!


If there are any performance issues related with our software, it will mainly be due to the software not being up to date. So first try updating the software to the latest version. If you still find any of the functions not working properly, then try contacting us by leaving a comment in the comments section or by mailing us at support@thewifihacker.net! wifi hacker

Coming soon to Android and iOS

We are working our hearts out to bring our brand new Wifi Hacker to Android and iOS. And the good news is that, that day is not too far. It will soon be available in both the platforms.. Stay tuned!

How to hack WiFi Password?

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This software gets the job done so easily with just a click of a button. You just can’t beat it when it comes to hacking into wireless networks. A task that seemed so impossible few years back thanks to the very complex security imposed on every network, now is as easy as pie. Give a go at it today, I bet you won’t regret later. Alvaro L. Rodriguez

Driver-sales worker, Beefsteak Charlie's

The WiFi password hacker is probably the only software you will need if you want to get free WiFi wherever you go. I am so grateful to the admin as he has provided this software free of cost. My job mainly involves travelling from one place to another and trust me nothing beats free WiFi just when you want it. I am pretty sure that WiFi Hacker v5 uses some of the best coding techniques to decode wireless passwords. Carla Pritt

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I have always wanted to know how to hack WiFi password. Thanks to this site, I am now able to do it easily with this amazing piece of software. Its so simple yet really powerful. Also I gotta say this, they provide one of the best customer support that we can ask for. I faced some issue with installation initially. The support team was so quick and helping that they were able to resolve the issue within just 5 mins from the time I called them up. World class support! Hats Off!! Leah Stevens

Science technician, China Coast

I normally don’t like to spend money that much. Hailing from a lower middle class family, I cannot afford to set up high speed Internet connections at my place. I wanted this software so badly but i feared that it might be expensive. But I was so surprised to find that it is being offered free of cost. From now on, my support wold be only for Free WiFi campaign. WiFi Password Hacker for the win!! Kamal Gautam Jain

Systems Engineer, Infosys Limited

I’d rather call this software as WiFi Unlocker compared to WiFi Hacker as it unlocks the network that is available nearest to you. Seems like a better name to me. I have given a lot of suggestions to the admin for improving the software experience, hope he updates them soon. Anyways, its an amazing software and I recommend everyone to try it! 🙂 Daniel Mahler

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Being a VP myself, why do I go after a free to use software since I can afford a high speed Internet connection myself one might ask. But more than me using the WiFi hacker, I wanted to give it a try and see if it really fulfills the promise that’s been showcased here. And much to my surprise. the expectations on this tool has been met with ease. I will be very proud to promote this tool myself. Thanks to David and Robert for providing me the opportunity to test this great program. Jose Boucher

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If anyone’s desire was to hack WiFi password, you are at the perfect place. Over the years wireless hacking has been just a wish and the one tool that has made that wish come true is our v5. Joel Harris

Staff Analyst, Ernst and Young

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Facts about our software

Our WiFi password hacker is one of a kind. Though we saying it by ourselves won’t prove anything, it would always be better to try the software out yourselves and let us know on its working.
Nowhere in the world you are going to be getting high speed WiFi for free. This is a rare opportunity that you can capitalize on to make your rich neighbors WiFi all yours. And that too our software can make all this happen in just a matter of minutes.
One thumb rule that you have to follow while using wifi password hacker is DO NOT GET GREEDY. Meaning, please do not use the software for more than twice a day. Although you might have Mask Your IP Address option enabled while cracking a network, it is highly important that you stay under the radar in order to go unnoticed.
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